Studio City Lifestyle Magazine | Aqua MastersMuch like our of a blockbuster movie where the world crumbles around the hero with what appears to be no easy way out, the crew of Studio City Lifestyle Magazine and Aqua Masters gather to take picture for their cover story. True to form, this take started in an overcast day and ended with a victorious celebration. This is their journey. 

Day one of the photo shoots, 10:36 AM: Fog still encloses the sky over the 3 million dollar home overlooking Studio City where the owners if te LA’s pool company, Aqua Masters, Ryan and Richard are waiting to get the perfect photo. We’ve been on the property for about 10 minutes and both Ryan and Richard have fielded a handful of calls and fixed a leak in the bunker that houses the 11 pool pumps and 2 pool filters of the beautiful pool. Having the uncanny desire to be the best pool company in Los Angeles, these two are quickly separating themselves as the “go to” pool guys in the area. 

10:45 am: Ryan, “the good looking one in the cover photo,” realizes that this is not happening today and cracks a joke to Barry, the photographer and originator of Lifestyle that it looks like they’ll be seeing each other again. “It’s our first date Barry, are you making the sky like this cuz you like us so much?” Barry laughs and takes some test shots for the next day. Richard, the young gun who never leaves a customer unhappy, finishes up a phone call to a team member on how to troubleshoot a malfunction 30 miles away. “So where we at,” he claims, already knowing the answer. “Looks like we got a second date with Barry. Perfect, looks like we are getting dinner and a movie cover photo.” 

Studio City Lifestyle Magazine | Aqua MastersTo look at these two friends in action outside of a backyard, you would think that they are running a small country instead of a swimming pool company. “We both had a dream to run the best pool service in the wool.” Rich claims when asked why these two decided to join forces too form Aqua Masters Inc. “See,” says Rich as he flips around to expose the back of the shirt with the words “World Famous” proudly displayed right below their signature palm tree logo. Although the duo has only an “officially: been in business 3 years, they have both already built one of the biggest and recognizable full service pool companies in Los Angeles. “We care about what er do… and people can see when they take to us that we genuinely mean it,” quotes Ryan as he is trying to perfect his best Zoolander pose for the photo. Let’s get this shot Barry, we got pools to save. 

Day 2, 3:26 p,: The fog finally steps down as Barry snaps off his final shots for the cover. Barry cheers as the boys from Aqua Masters shoot our a satisfactory smile. “Still think we should have been wearing super hero capes,” says Ryan, joking as the sin sets beautifully behind them. “We’ll get you next time Aqua Masters.” Studio City pools are safe yet again… for now! 

Studio City Lifestyle Magazine | Aqua MastersEco Friendly Upgrades: 
– Eliminated 99% of the bacteria in the water
-Produces Chlorine naturally for healthier water 
-Control everything in your back yard with a push of a button

For all your swimming pool, movie, television, and Studio City pool saving needs… HAPPY SWIMMING 

Aqua Masters, Inc. 844-AQUA-INC

Studio City Lifestyle Magazine | Aqua Masters
Studio City Lifestyle Magazine | Aqua Masters
Studio City Lifestyle Magazine | Aqua Masters