Studio City Lifestyle MagazineYou want to live the healthiest life possible and to do so, you need to change it up and adjust your plans as you grow older.


Yoga is popular with fitness enthusiasts of all ages, and for older adults, practicing yoga can improve balance, flexibility, mental focus, core strength, and breathing efficiency. It can also be a wonderful stress reliever.

If you feel unsure of unstable during any class, conducer using a wall or chair to aid you in your balance for certain poses. Make sure to protect your joints by moving gently into stretches and poses, never forcing your body into any posture. You can regulate your blood pressure with even, continuous breathing. Finally, while yoga can certainly be practiced alone, taking a class is a great way to bond with others during your workout and get expert guidance from a trained instructor.


Studio City Lifestyle MagazineBuilding muscle mass is a key benefit of strength training, but for older adults there are additional benefits. Strength training, sometimes called resistance training, supports bone health and aids in the prevention of osteoporosis, improves your balance and supports a healthy weight.

It is recommended that adults of age 65 and older, who are generally fit with no limiting health conditions, should do resistance training excessive on two or more days a week, focusing on all major muscle groups.


Whether it’s dance, cycling, or walking, getting your body moving is a fun and healthy way to improve your coordination, agility, and reaction time, as well as help you manage your blood pressure and improve cognitive function. Plus, it’s just flat-out fun, especially if you enroll in a class.

To keep your cardio routine interesting and effective, pay attention to the impact that some types of exercise can have on your joints. Walking, cycling, and water exercise are all efficient wats to get a great workout while being gentle in your joints.

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